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Creating Peace of Mind!
Pre-Planning Services guides you through the funeral & cremation process; here's how...


What is pre-planning? Pre-planning means entering into an arrangement that makes your funeral plans official prior to your death so that the funeral home you choose and your family can carry out your final wishes exactly as you specify, down to the smallest detail.

It really is that straightforward, but pre-planning can also show other family members the wisdom of planning ahead. After all, pre-planning not only lifts the burden of difficult decisions from your loved ones, it also allows you to manage some of tomorrow’s expenses at today’s costs.

Death is the one thing in life you can prepare for with complete certainty. So why not be as ready as possible? When you die, whether it’s sudden or not, it’s going to be tough for your family and friends, and by then, there’s nothing you can do about it. Our goal is to help you "create peace of mind" for you and your loved ones before your death happens.

Pre-planning gives you and your loved ones "Peace of Mind". This video gives you insight to the process and the benefits to you and your family.
Benjamin Franklin once said, 
“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”     
A quote we have probably heard many times throughout our lives. However, when pre-planning your funeral is the last major decision that impacts your life and "how you want to be remembered",  it is vitally important to plan your end-of-life memorial how you want it.